Client’s Experiences:

I wanted to write you to let you know how much I appreciate you, and everyone there at First Step Counseling.  During one of the most difficult times of my life, you made me feel like a person – dare I say, even a good person – that made a poor decision, not a horrible person and an outcast, as many do.  That meant the world to me!  You and the counselors there, especially Lia, were always just amazing to work with, always as helpful as possible and there for me to talk to, express my concerns, answer questions and just be there for me!!  Truly wonderful treatment and just invaluable during a time in my life when all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and never come out.  I cannot thank you and Lia, specifically, enough for all that you did for me!!!

If I ever have a friend that finds themselves in my unfortunate situation – even though I do ALL I CAN to discourage behavior and choices that land a person to have to go through what I went through – I will highly recommend First Step Counseling because of all that you did for me!!  I have a feeling First Step, if ranked against other offices, would come out far and beyond the BEST!!!!
DeAnn S.

I want to say thanks to you and also to Lia for helping me through a hard time in my life.  Lia was always giving me the “business”  but I think that is what made class fun and not making it a chore to attend. I appreciate the flexible schedules and I definitely would recommend you over the place where I took level 1 classes.
Randy T.

You do have a choice when it comes to Alcohol Education as well as Therapy. Having a miserable experience in Alcohol Education with a competing provider – inflexible times, long commute, etc… I called around to find a better alternative to my mandatory Therapy classes.  Nikki at First Step was the most knowledgable of all the people I talked with and the classes, being offered 4 times a week, fit into my busy schedule.   Once in the program, the counselors were caring and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend First Step.
Chris M.

Being tangled in the legal system is draining and stressful. While Education and Therapy classes are mandatory and not always convenient, I could not be any more grateful that I completed mine through First Step Counseling. Nikki and her staff are accountable, caring, and respectful. They really do care about each person that walks through the door and they are willing to help out in any way possible. I really appreciated the attitudes of the staff at First Step. It was refreshing going to classes knowing that they are on your team and that they want you to get through the whole process quickly and successfully. I would definitely recommend getting treatment or counseling at First Step.
Rachel R.

I wanted to write a note about my experience at First Step Counseling. I had started my therapy at another agency that was quickly and unexpectedly shut down. This was very difficult as I had been going there for months and now I was faced with researching and transferring to a new clinic. After many calls to different organizations, I talked with the Program Director at First Step. She immediately put me at ease and said she would make the transfer as easy as possible, which was exactly what she did. She also went above and beyond to try and get my paperwork from the old agency. What initially drew me to choose First Step was the convenient hours and opportunities to go to different classes. I am a single mom and my schedule is tough. As those reading this probably already know, the demands of what is expected of you after getting a DUI are high. First Step really worked with me and my schedule and made a very hard process as easy as possible. I enjoyed the open forum of the sessions and found people from all walks of life there. It was a very non-judgemental atmosphere and I felt like I could be open and not only share, but get a lot out of what the other clients had to share as well. The counselors were informative as well as good listeners with a lot of good information to share. I would recommend First Step to anyone going through this difficult process.
Kelly Q.

I have to be honest and tell you that I was NOT looking forward to this experience at all This was my first DUI, first alcohol offense, my first traffic violation in years. The whole thing just didn’t seem right or fair. And now there were classes to go attend… three hours each for two months! If the purpose of the drill was to make sure I felt like a low-life and a criminal and for it all to just go on and on and on… then it was working.

I found First Step Counseling on the internet. First, I looked through the list of approved providers on the DMV website. Then I called and checked out some with websites of the their own. There were several things that drew me to First Step. I liked the location. I like the structure of their classes. I found the price to be excellent compared to many in the local market. When I finally talked to Nikki on the phone, she was about the first person in the whole experience, so far, who was friendly and warm and understanding.

I am an educator myself, both a teacher and a school administrator. I know a good class and a strong curriculum when I see it. After 24 hours-on Level II Education with Larry at First Step, I am much happier than I thought I would be when I started out. While the textbook and pre-planned instruction are O.K., it was the personalization of the classes that made it work for me.

Two things stand out especially: First, the teacher was open to and able to work effectively with the wide range of people in the class. As students we brought a wide variety of experiences, a range of ages and lot of different needs. Larry was non-judgmental, while being direct in addressing each individual’s needs. Second, I am pleasantly surprised how much I learned from the other people in my classes. Some people were there for every session I attended. Some people I saw only once. New people came every week. We shared our backgrounds and experiences with each other every week. While I have learned from my mistake and am intent NOT to repeat it, I think that I learned more from my many classmates. And if I am successful in that intention to not “re-offend,” I will credit much of my success to my classmates’ experiences and their willingness to share with me.

The intent of the State of Colorado in this process is crystal clear: I can not drink and drive, period, not anymore. The excellent work done by First Step Counseling, its classes and staff will help me achieve that outcome more than anything else I have experienced in this whole process.

I was very nervous and angry when I came to my first class at First Step. I’d never had a DUI and had no idea what to expect. Surprisingly, the next eight weeks turned out to be informative and interesting. I met a group of people who were in the same boat as I am and who I could talk to about what I was going through. Although the therapist had an easygoing style, she impressed upon us, with facts and statistics, how serious drinking and driving is.

The main thing I felt when I got my DUI was shame and embarrassment. I was so angry with myself for making that kind of mistake. I’m a teacher! It really struck me when the therapist said that some people feel too much guilt and some people not enough. She put it in perspective for me and I started to realize that I’d made a mistake and as long as I learned the lesson and never did it again, I had no reason to be ashamed.

My experience at First Step was very beneficial. The staff and counselors were great to work with. I went through both the education and the therapy and felt as though I left a better person. Every participant, no matter what his or her situation, was treated fairly and with respect. I would highly recommend First Step.

My time at First Step has been a life saver and a home saver. It had a lot to do with keeping my marriage together and also my sanity. I came here on my own. I just needed somebody to talk to and it was the people of First Step.